Rebellion think big with World War Zero

Spin-offs planned

The decidedly comic book-inspired fictitious world created by UK developer Rebellion in World War Zero: Iron Storm, is ripe material for further escapades, the UK developer's CEO commented recently. The FPS was only released this week, and Jason Kingsley is already enthusing over comic books, movies and further videogames.

"As soon as we acquired the IP licence, we've looked at varying mediums the push the concept further," the main man beamed. "So far, we have commissioned a comic strip to appear within our 2000 AD publications, but we believe it can go further, ideally into game sequels and possibly even movies."

"Hollywood has used this business model to great effect, the recent comic book character movies and games being one example," Kingsley added. It is good to see at least some optimism remaining at a UK studio, despite the doldrums many have endured of late.

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