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ANNO 3 in development

Due for release in 2006

Fans of colonial micromanagement sims will be gladdened to hear that another sequel to the entertaining ANNO 1503 / 1602 is on the way. Developers Related Designs are finally taking things into 3D and rather good it all looks too, even at this early stage. As well as hauling the graphics engine up into the 21st century some other details sound intriguing. As well as an optimised and expanded combat system the controls and multiplayer will also get a good seeing to.

Although it's a good way off till the 2006 release date the new ANNO game sounds like fun. According to the press release, "Experience the busy life in cities and villages at first hand and examine the animated biota from a very close perspective. And when proud merchant vessels cruise through realistic waves, farmers follow their daily tasks and a stiff breeze from the sea blows through the dense leafage of trees, the unique atmosphere of the ANNO world becomes literally tangible."

E3 Trailer