Eidos plan future biggies

Thief and Deus Ex series continue

An interview with just-exited Eidos Interactive president Rob Dyer on reveals the pleasing news that the British publisher are planning future Deus Ex and Thief titles, despite criticism from the press and luke-warm sales for previous outings. Dyer stated that the future games would however be more 'consumer' focussed, a shift in approach for Eidos, he stated. Hopefully this means Deus Ex and Thief games which reflect both series' inspired origins, then.

"Deus Ex: Invisible War was a good game with solid reviews, but not enough people bought it. We'll fix that in the future. There definitely will be a Deus Ex 3. People want another Thief, too. We'll make that series more modern, though," he enthused, adding, "the medieval thing's run its course." This might not please Thief fans too greatly, then.

Dyer has now moved on to become COO of Crave, though the interview does demonstrate how upbeat Eidos are, now that a shift in thinking and focus is under way which looks to return the games produced to the gamers buying them - something Eidos have failed to do with all their recent big-name titles.

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