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Ghost Recon 2 coming in two flavours

Ubisoft confuse us sometimes...

For the first time in our recollection, the same game is being developed in two flavours by separate studios for different platforms - in order to capitalise on each respective system's various strengths. The game in question is Ubisoft's Ghost Recon 2, which will be available in (sort of) 2a and 2b versions. The French publisher's Shanghai studio are working on the PS2 and Cube editions, whilst North Carolina's Red Storm create the PC and Xbox takes.

The game play between versions will differ little, and the same characters will star - though in the biggest departure from tradition - the Red Storm version will be set some five year's after the PS2 and Cube version - presumably in a bid to tempt multi-format gamers into purchasing for multiple platforms. Cunning.

The Xbox and PS2 should be receiving their versions come November 25th this year, with the Cube already planned for later, and the PC scheduling unconfirmed. More on all this oddness as we get it, as well as comment from Ubisoft regarding the dictionary definition of 'sequel'. Maybe.

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