Doom 3 Xbox slides towards 2005

A little longer to wait, it would seem

With Doom 3 currently gracing PC's around the globe, Xbox owners are now certain to be looking on enviously, but smug in the knowledge their version of id's crucial FPS will come with enhanced modes like co-op and widened online support. This may however come as cold comfort to some, who will be disappointed to hear word today that the Xbox version will probably not be with us until early 2005 now.

Vicarious Visions take on Doom 3 - which is actually being built from the ground up - is likely to miss it's original Christmas 2004 date, id CEO Todd Hollenshead informed Reuters recently: "It's probably not going to come out this year." So don't get your hopes up for a launch this year seems to be the message, with the id boss adding "I'm not sure we're going to get there." More on this soon.

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