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SAS title creeps into view

Kuju bag new Konami development

A brand new SAS title utilizing the Unreal engine is currently being developed by the UK's Kuju in collaboration with Konami, and a team-based first-person shooter called The Regiment is on the way. PC and PS2 versions are scheduled with full multiplayer and voice communications planned.

Real tactics and realistic situations are promised with former SAS veterans on board to assist with accuracy, whilst the 1980 storming of the Iranian embassy will also serve as a point of influence. Mission briefings will be accessibly short - but accurate, we're informed - whilst former SAS soldier John MacAleese will provide the voicing.

The Regiment is just one of several titles under way at the up and coming Kuju, and the number of UK studios owned by Kuju has now hit four as they work on new titles for Sony and Activision as well.

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