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"Good evening, my name is Turok"

Strange but true...
From the company that brought you advertisements on gravestones (Acclaim), comes a new, almost equally ridiculous marketing proposal. First it was Shadowman, and now to celebrate the launch of Turok Evolution (on all next-generation consoles and the PC), Acclaim want to pay people to change their name to ‘Turok’ by deed Poll. You’d definitely have to be desperate for the cash… They’re calling this absurd stunt “Identity Marketing”, and they’ve even registered it as a trademark! Five winners will be chosen (I assume this means they’re expecting more than five to enter) on September 2nd, and they will have their names changed by September the 6th to coincide with the Turok Evo launch. For their troubles, those willing volunteers will then receive £500, an Xbox, and a copy of the game. Shaun White, UK Communications Manager for Acclaim, said: “We are looking for applicants who want to experience the kudos of being pioneers in advertising, who are willing to step beyond the leading edge of marketing practice. The video games industry has a habit of always striving for newer and more unique ways of targeting customers and with Identity Marketing I think we’ve topped the lot.” Those deranged enough to sacrifice their self-respect can sign-up here. More news on this insanity as we get it.
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