Viewtiful new date Stateside

Joe returns in the US this November

Viewtiful Joe 2 - sequel to last year's magnificent original - will be out in the USA come November 23rd this very year, publishers Capcom have confirmed today - improving greatly upon the previously touted autumn scheduling. The return of the innovative cel-shaded anti-hero Joe will please the game's growing cult following, and a simultaneous launch for the sequel on both PS2 and Cube should see the series brilliance reaching uncharted territory come launch.

New powers and locales will accompany Joe's new adventure, and his lovely girlfriend Cynthia will also be donning the lyrca to accompany this new title - as a superhero in her own right. Clearly we're expecting big things after the startlingly refreshing original, and can't wait for more news on a European launch - hopefully sooner rather than later.

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