Nintendo look to Xmas as Star Fox slips

Schedule confirmed but Star Fox found MIA

The latest instalment in the venerable Star Fox series - passed of late from Rare to Namco - will now not be with us in 2004 as originally expected, the Japanese publisher revealing that 2005 is now looking more likely. Or so word from a Namco insider who reportedly revealed the delay to IGN online suggests, and if it proves true this will come as a major blow to Nintendo's schedule.

The title certainly appears to be coming along nicely, and the new multiplayer features should bring something new to the GameCube when we do eventually get our greedy mittens on it. Nintendo US are refusing to confirm or deny the rumour, which leaves us somewhat in the dark, though Nintendo Europe's new Christmas line-up does all but confirm the slippage anyhow.

The new schedule cites only the following as ones to watch this yuletide: Paper Mario 2, Pikmin 2, Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime 2, with only the latter looking like giving the opposition any real worries. Of course, the GBA is looking altogether stronger with new Pokemon and Zelda debuts, though we can't help feel that this year's line-up outlines the beginning of the end for the Cube - unless Nintendo can pull something of a surprise out of the bag.

We'll keep you posted.

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