Carmack offers next title clues

Singleplayer and new, we're told

With the dust now settled over QuakeCon stateside, id Software mastermind John Carmack has revealed several clues as to the direction of id's next project, via a video address broadcast at the weekend event while Carmack was busy tending to his new-born baby. Carmack revealed that more singleplayer focus a la Doom 3 is on the cards once again, coupled with a small multiplayer component too.

Carmack also spoke of new uses for his Doom 3 game engine technology, with which he hopes to speed up game development, making designers lives easier whilst maintaining the progress of videogame visuals which has become id's trademark. The id head has in the past revealed that their next project will not be a sequel, prompting the tantalising prospect of a brand new 'IP', or game series, from the masters of the first-person genre.

Hopefully id will show us something of this new labour of love soon, though we somehow doubt it with Doom 3 on shelves and the prospect of multiple add-ons no doubt also under way. We'll keep you posted.

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