Swedish concern over prison consoles

No more PS2's for Sweden's bad boys

A duet of high-profile break-outs from high security Swedish prisons has lead to a crack down on communication at the country's jails, in the wake of two security lapses in two weeks, which found that on both occasions the inmates in question had received outside assistance. As a result of this concern, Sweden is now cracking-down on security, with communications in particular coming under scrutiny.

Anyway, the relevant part of this saga from our perspective is that consoles have now been banned from prisons - nervous prison chiefs fearing that memory cards may be used to distribute covert information, whilst the online capabilities of current generation consoles also allows for easy and 'unmonitorable' communication with the outside world. In one case, a prisoner had even reportedly built a mobile phone into his console.

"To a certain extent, these games are harmless, but with some technical skills, they can be used for communication," prison security head Christer Isaksson told the Sydsvenska Dagbladet newspaper. More on this interesting development soon.

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