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Football Manager dev hopes to help stamp out hooliganism and racism in the game

Jacobson hoping that the their utopia will bleed through into the real game

Miles Jacobson, boss of Sports Interactive is hoping that the Football Manager series can have a positive effect on the game in real life.

As well as supporting Kick It Out, football's campaign against racism and homophobia for 14 years now, Football Manager does not feature any of the more negative aspects of the real life game like hooliganism and match fixing. It is Jacobson's hope that their idealised view of football in Football Manager can filter out into the real world and help stamp the nastier elements out for good.

He said, “As far as racism and homophobia goes, we’ve been a big supporter ofKick It Outand have had their logo in the game for about 14 years. There are other aspects as well, such as hooliganism and match fixing, that are part of the game in real life that we don’t want in Football Manager. From that perspective, I’m quite glad that it doesn’t occur in our parallel universe. And it’s also perhaps a way that we can help to steer society a little bit.” Football Manager dev hopes to help stamp out hooliganism and racism in the game

“If we did ever have incidents of racism, hooliganism or homophobia in the game,” Jacobson stated, “the punishments would be a lot harsher than they are in real life because I believe they should be,” he added. “But it’s probably good that all of it is kept away because you wouldn’t want your club banned from competition because of half a dozen idiots. The real negative elements don’t belong in our more utopian world.”

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