Toby Gard slinks back to Lara

Croft character co-creator backpedals

In what many will see as a somewhat humiliating move, the creator of Lara Croft, who left Eidos to form is own studio to develop the lacklustre Galleon, has joined the US development team Crystal Dynamics. This is the studio that is working on the next Tomb Raider game, which was originally developed by Core Design, the team that Toby left after the success of the very first Tomb Raider.

Gard's own studio, Confounding Factor, is wrapping itself up after the release of Galleon, leaving the dejected talent of Gard with nowhere to go. So he's upped sticks and headed over to join Crystal Dynamics, a team that up until now has been most famous for the Soul Reaver games. They got the Tomb Raider reigns after Core made such a pig's ear of the last Lara Croft title, Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. According to a spokesperson for publisher Eidos, "Toby will complement the existing talented team creating the next Tomb Raider title. As the creator of the Lara Croft character, he brings a unique perspective to the development process."

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