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ShellShock: Nam '67 starts its tour of duty soon

Another Vietnam shooter, taking on the big boys...

In a release program that turns the normal way of doing things on its head, European gamers are going to get their hands on this Vietnam game over a week before their American cousins. Whether or not this will result in a smaller mirror image of the pirating shenanigans that have enveloped the release of Doom3 remains to be seen. With the Xbox, PS2 and PC versions all getting simultaneously released on the 3rd of September in the European market and the US getting its hands on the game come the 14th of September, the intriguing Guerrilla Games shooter will bravely be going up against the likes of Doom 3 and Half-Life 2.

As parent company Eidos has been the centre of some very strong buyout rumours of late, the decision to release next month could well be an attempt to get a successful game out the doors to help bolster its future prospects. Eidos' European MD Jonathan Kemp had this to say; "ShellShock: Nam '67 is an important release for Eidos, especially as it is the first game of what will hopefully prove to be a very successful franchise. We are giving the game significant marketing support across all media, and in conjunction with the very positive press coverage already received, we are confident that ShellShock: Nam '67 will perform strongly at retail."

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