ELSPA seize £2.5 million worth of pirated games

200 raids and the conviction of 36 pirates

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association have been busy at work trying to stem the flow of losses that the UK gaming industry suffers due to rampant piracy. Their anti-piracy division has today announced that they have had much success at this task in the first half of 2004.

With nearly 200 raids and the conviction of 36 pirates since January this half-year figure of £2.5 million in seized counterfeit goods should have led to a round of shandys down at ELSPA's local pub. The Director General of ELSPA, Roger Bennet, had this to say -

"These excellent results are the fruits of continued hard work from ELSPA's anti-piracy investigators, outstanding cooperation and communication with local authorities and fellow anti-piracy groups and increasingly severe penalties for those caught. ELSPA would like to thank all those who join us in the struggle against counterfeiting."

With over 20,000 people employed in the leisure software industry here in the UK the work of the anti-piracy division will be much appreciated throughout softcos up and down the land. But with the very recent mass pirating of Doom 3 making the BBC's front page, using methods which ELSPA will be hard pressed to counter, this is a problem which is still a long way from being solved.

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