System Shock 2 Rebooted gets killed off

Irrational indeed

In sad news, the very promising project to update Irrational Software's seminal survival/horror RPG with the modern technology of the Doom 3 engine has had the axe of IP rights drop fatally onto its youthful neck. A representative from the current holders of the rights to the System Shock 2 IP, the massive publishing house EA, informed the understandably unhappy team that they must cease all work on updating the visuals of this 5 year old game.

Even though EA had recently released an exhaustive list of all is intellectual property, a list where System Shock 2 was conspicuous by its absence, it took a scant ten days between the project being announced and EA asking the team to "drop the name and any affiliation the mod has with System Shock or System Shock 2".

The committed gamers on the Rebooted staff have decided to create their own game, worthy of the title, "next-generation successor to the genre defined by the System Shock series." Pop on over to their site and give them some support.

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