Rallisport Challenge 2 gets patched

DICE show us the download

After months of waiting DICE finally got round to patching this most excellent racer. Prior to the patch, racing online had degenerated into an all out cheat-fest by those racing for the top times. The game had a myriad of holes in its courses whereby cheating players could take advantage of these glitches and warp themselves past entire sections of the track. It was also possible to pick the wrong kind of car for a track, meaning people could race with an unfairly quick car.

With literally hundreds of players showing their ineptness and willingness to ruin a game for the dubious accolade of being the fastest cheater, RC2 was in danger of losing a lot of its appeal. Now that the game has been patched all of the leaderboards have been reset and so far it seems that all is again rosy. Gamers who had been frustrated at the incredibly long time it took to get the game fixed and rid of cheating scum can now go back to testing their skills against the rest of the world.

The patch also enhanced the voice chatting in the game, enabling players to talk to more simultaneous opponents at the same time. A new challenges feature was also added, which will eventually allow players to take part in daily, weekly and monthly set challenges. This feature will not be usable, however, until the release of the game's downloadable content, pencilled in for a late August release.

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