EA bags Criterion

Behemoth buys developer, and technology

In yet another addition to its long list of acquisitions, EA have today announced that it will soon purchase Criterion Software Group Ltd, form its current owners Canon Europe. Apparently they liked Criterion’s forthcoming Burnout 3, which was already going to be published by EA, that they bought the entire company.

In addition to the Burnout series is Criterion also working on the impressive FPS Black But the piece of software that will probably be of the greatest long term benefit to EA is Renderware, the piece of game authoring software that Criterion created and which has powered around over 500 current generation titles worldwide including such smash titles as GTA 3 and Pro Evolution Soccer. With development on Renderware 4 for the next generation of consoles well under way EA plan to split the two elements, with the development of the games being handled separately from the Renderware project. EA are set to gain even more muscle in the world of gaming as they will have control over the development tools that many of their rival publishers will now have to licence from them.

An understandably pleased EA Chairman and CEO Larry Probst commented "This is a great fit. Criterion offers us studio talent and a proven management team, globally recognized intellectual property and technology infrastructure that will accelerate our readiness on the next generation of consoles."

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