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EA court Crytek

New 'IP' revealed

Crytek, the German developer behind the hugely impressive FPS Far Cry, have today announced a brand new publishing agreement with EA, that will see the highly regarded studio creating a brand new title for the world's number one publisher. This new 'IP' will be developed for the PC at this stage, and we expect it to utilise the CRY engine which looked so lovely in Far Cry.

Ubisoft were previously charged with bringing Crytek's wares to market, and they'll no doubt be disappointed in losing out to EA, with this new deal even casting the chances of a Far Cry 2 into doubt.

"Bringing original intellectual property to the interactive entertainment market is a key focus for EA," enthused EA Partners head Frank Sagnier. "EAP's partnership agreement with Crytek is a testament to our commitment to nurturing creative development and we are delighted to be working with one of the brightest talents in Europe to create what we believe will be an innovative gaming experience."

"Our advanced technology and creativity, together with EA's production support, marketing and sales, means that we have a great opportunity to being an original gaming experience to our consumers, as well as grow our business," added a pleased Cevat Yerli, president of Crytek.

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