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Nintendo snubs Space World, again

No DS for TGS, either

Japanese gaming mag Nintendo Dream has today revealed a little more concerning Nintendo's DS promotional plans - or apparent lack thereof. For the third year running, Nintendo will snub the formerly crucial Space World event, and even revealed the Tokyo Games Show will not see the DS either.

"We could have opened the Space World [this year], but holding a large event in one location makes it difficult for people from other regions to participate," Ninty's Mitsuaki Hagishima commented, adding "It's not like we won't ever open a Space World event again. But we aren't going to hold one this summer." The shindig was cancelled unexpectedly back in 2002, and hasn't taken place since, much to widespread industry surprise.

The Tokyo Games Show will also lack any input from big N, who instead plan a promotional tour across Japan. "We want as many of our fans in the country as possible to experience the DS before it goes on sale at the end of the year," Hagishima explained. "So, instead, we're currently planning an effective event that can be expanded to a nationwide scale." More on all things DS as we get it.

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