Man gets more than three-years for game piracy

ELSPA crack-down

If the FBI's involvement in tracking down those behind the Half-Life 2 code theft wasn't sufficiently impressive, then a new sentencing in the UK certainly demonstrates further the seriousness with which gaming-related crimes are viewed. John Lamb of South Wales was found guilty of pirating games and films thirty-times over, and received three-and-half years in prison for his offences. Torfaen Trading Standards and ELSPA spent eighteen months collaborating to bring Lamb to justice.

"This is the longest prison sentence ELSPA has ever seen handed down to a games pirate," enthused ELSPA director general Roger Bennett, "and it is gratifying to see the courts are now taking piracy seriously and enforcing suitably severe sentences. Piracy is a criminal offence, and as this case demonstrates, anyone involved in the illegal practice of counterfeiting could face not just a fine but the very real possibility of substantial jail time."

In yet more pleasing news for the gaming giants, mod-chips have just been declared illegal in the High Court, as part of the new European Union Copyright Directive laws implemented last October.

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