ICO remains unsequelled

But Sony do offer hope

Whilst the imaginative and unusual ICO won't be getting a sequel this year on the PS2, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today refused to rule out an ICO 2 at some point in the future - which will come as at least some encouragement to the game's cult following. Of course, the original Amazon listing for a pre-order title called NICO (believed to be the sequel so desired) did have fans in hysteria - however Sony were quick to dismiss this.

"SCEE has yet to announce any official information related to the sequel of ICO, but we can confirm that such game will not be launching in 2004 for Europe," a spokesman commented, before tantalisingly adding "ICO has been a cherished favourite amongst PS2 gamers and we realise that a second instalment is eagerly anticipated worldwide."

Finally, the UK's were told to "Watch this space." Hopefully more soon, then. We'll keep you informed.

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