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Doom 3 theme now, SDK soon

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An online release of the Doom 3 source code, and a suite of tools to utilise it, will be released shortly after the game's public debut in early August, developer id Software has revealed. This news will no doubt please the eager modding community immensely, as will word of the map editor bundled with the boxed copy of the new game. As usual, we full expect the amateur development community to seize this SDK with relish, and no doubt we'll see plenty of early experimentations hitting the web shortly after the product's launch.

Like the original Doom, Nine Inch Nail's are once again involved in Doom 3's audio, via ex-bandmember Chris Vrenna's game theme tune on this occasion. 'Tweaker's' theme tune can be had from his personal webspace even as we speak, so avid fans may wish to head here without further ado. Bring on August.

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