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No DVD for Doom 3

Plus multiplayer mode news

Todd Hollenshead's aggressive chatter concerning the just gold Doom 3 continue apace today with word that no DVD version is planned, id instead bucking this trend to distribute the game on either three or four CD-ROMs. "There's just not a compelling reason," the id man told CNN's gaming column. "For us the cost of the goods and the cost of the replication and having to make two masters just isn't worth it."

The Xbox version meanwhile still requires considerable attentions, and the developers still have some major work to do, which lead Hollenshead to state "We can't say, at this point, that it's going to come out this year." Sorry Microsoft. Back to the PC version, and Hollenshead also revealed that the multiplayer portion of the game is based on client-server technology, meaning that dedicated servers will still host games, rather than requiring peer-to-peer operations to function. Hopefully we'll have more word on servers and multiplayer provision soon.

Finally, a word of cautious optimism on the first review of Doom 3 - featured in the US edition of PC Gamer - in which the game was praised highly as one of id's finest and awarded a whopping 94%. We'll bring you more soon.

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