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PSP support widened, features explained

Come closer, my pretties...

During the press conference yesterday which confirmed to the world that Sony's next console opus will be revealed at E3 2005, the Japanese giant also offered a few previously unknown details on the PSP. Firstly, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that third-party publisher support for the new handheld has widened from the 34 firms revealed at this year's E3, to an impressive 59. New names of note include Eidos KK and Atari Japan, not to mention Jaleco.

World Soccer Winning Eleven and Powerful Pro Yakyuu football and baseball games were also confirmed from Konami, as well as a handheld rendition of Ghost in the Shell - formerly a PS2 shooter. The wireless LAN feature of the handheld will support the networking of up to sixteen devices, it was revealed at the Tokyo conference, and those sixteen PSP's will be connected without the need for a hub of any kind, impressively.

Sony also announced that the USB port on-board will also offer PS2 connectivity, and a new translation program - Talkman - will be able to translate up to nine languages vocally through the PSP. The PSP will be out in Japan in time for Christmas with North America and Europe set to follow by April 2005.

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