Nintendo unphased by PS3 launch news

More 'Revolutionary' talk

A statement from Nintendo today reaffirmed Big N's plans to use E3 2005 as the platform from which to unveil their 'Revolution' console, successor to the GameCube. A spokesperson also confirmed that Ninty will be releasing their new system within the same time frame as Sony and Microsoft, making for one heck of a showdown.

"In terms of PlayStation 3, 'exhibited at E3' and 'coming to market' are two very different things," commented a European PR head today on "What we've always said is that we'll be releasing Revolution in the same timeframe as the others. What that timeframe will be is very up in the air at this point."

With Microsoft expected to beat Sony and Nintendo to market with a debut for the Xbox 2 around late 2005, and Sony having already all but confirmed PS3 releases globally throughout 2006, it is easy to estimate the time frame Nintendo are working with.

This said, they are known to be plotting their own path with new gaming hardware, as demonstrated by the DS handheld, and the Revolution does promise to focus on innovation - rather than just graphical power - in a similar fashion. What is for sure is that we'll know more next spring. When Microsoft will show their hand remains a mystery however, with some experts suggesting this September's expected X04 event to be the launching pad for next-generation news. More as we get it.

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