PSX in 2005 for Europe and N. America


After disappointing sales marked the launch of Sony's PS2 / DVD recorder hybrid in Japan, the firm has revealed plans to delay the system's launch in North America and Europe, with the USA receiving the PSX 'sometime' in 2005, and Europe getting it before the end of the financial year on March 31st 2005. Much of the PSX's failings in Japan are blamed upon promised features being omitted, such as MP3 and DVD-RW support. It is believed that these and more features will be added to appeal to the North American and European markets, however.

Sony had originally hoped to ship one-million PSX machines globally by the end of 2004, however the new delay in two crucial regions will now mean this target is impossible, and indeed, if Sony fail to learn from their mistakes in Japan (high price / missing features), then it is hard to see the PSX living-up to its hyperbole at all. More as we get it.

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