Nintendo go on Tour

Nintendo head to a high street near you

Nintendo have today affirmed their plans for a UK promotional tour, kicking off from early August and journeying to several prime locations around the country plugging Nintendo's various wares and offering fans the chance to play games months ahead of their (annoyingly late) UK release dates. The Nintendo Konga Beach Road Trip takes the form of a Hawaiian-style beach bar, carted around in forty-foot lorry.

Donkey Konga, Animal Crossing, Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green, Shrek 2, Sonic Advance 3, Spyro: Fusion and Crash: Fusion are all mooted, alongside other games, upon which players can compete for a host of top prizes including a Wrangler Jeep. GameCube's, GBA SP's, blow-up bananas and T-shirts can also be won in the Donkey Konga Bongo Battle tournament, with a grand finale being held at Game Stars Live in Docklands this September.

Most events are being held outside Woolworths stores (unless stated otherwise):

  • Beckton - August 4th
  • Birmingham - July 24th
  • Bolton - August 14th
  • Bradford - August 13th
  • Bristol - September 1st
  • Coventry - August 26th
  • Hull - August 11th
  • London (London Zoo) - July 28th to 29th
  • Manchester - August 15th
  • Milton Keynes (Woburn) - September 4th to 5th
  • Newark - August 5th
  • Newport - August 1st
  • Northampton (Balloon Festival) - August 19th to 22nd
  • Norwich - August 18th
  • Rotherham - August 12th
  • Tamworth - July 25th
  • Warwickshire (Town & Country Festival) - August 27th to 30th
  • Wiltshire (Longleat CentreParc) - August 30th to 31st
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