The Rock to star as Doom marine?

Dwayne reveals possibility in Empire interview

In an interview with The Rock (the improbably named Dwayne Johnson in the real world) featured in Empire, the former-wrestling hard man has revealed that if shooting on Spy Hunter is delayed over Christmas because of bad weather in Prague and Amsterdam, then he may well star in Universal's Doom movie. Of course, Mr Johnson certainly has the look and quite possibly the attitude, but whether a Doom movie based around The Rock could ever do the landmark series justice on the big-screen remains to be very much seen.

No further details are forthcoming on the film as we speak, with the project being kept decidedly under wraps. However it is known that Universal are the current licence holders (with a Warner Bros. contract expiring), with several big names mooted for directorial, writing and production roles on the project.

We'll bring you all the latest on Doom's slow and deliberated progress to the big screen as we get it.

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