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Doom 3 tournament for mid-August

Release date confusion mounts

Doom 3 release date conjecture was ignited further today with the news that id Software's QuakeCon event will be hosting the world's first Doom 3 multiplayer tournament from August the 12th to the 15th. The annual event held in honour of id's variously magnificent FPS offerings has quashed speculation of an August 3rd launch stating that "there won't be anyone who has had time to practice or master the game" ahead of the event.

Naturally, this suggests a release no sooner, and some sources now suggest August 12th is more likely, at least here in the UK. Regardless, $150,000 in prizes will be available at the tournament, with 128 players competing in deathmatch's for the goodies provided by NVIDIA. Those wishing to take part will need to book a flight to Texas to avoid disappointment. More on all things Doom as we get it.

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