Acclaim troubles deepen

Turok and MLB licences depart

By way of an addendum to yesterday's Acclaim bankruptcy murmurings, news has reached us today that the embattled publisher has also lost two key franchises. First-up is Turok, the licence for which has been lost upon grounds of unpaid royalties, curiously the same reason the official major league baseball licence has also been lost. Whilst the last Turok game (Evolution) was a flop any way, the baseball licence is a whole different kettle of fish - being a crucial component of the publisher's best-selling All-Star Baseball game.

All-Star Baseball has been something of a reliable cash cow for Acclaim of late, at a time when other key titles have repeatedly flopped. The loss of the licence would mean no official player likenesses or names in the game, clearly a blow for Acclaim's ambitions of recovery. Meanwhile, Acclaim are contending that said royalties have been paid, and a legal dispute is in the offing stateside.

Shares slid to a fifty-two week low of just $0.24 upon the news, though Acclaim is also said to be in negotiations over the recovery of the Turok licence. All this after losing the Burnout series to EA will come as a further knock to a company incapable of withstanding many more mishaps, we'll keep you up to speed.

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