Nintendo still focussed on offline

Online remains a niche, claims Ninty

Despite Microsoft and Sony both pushing forward with online gaming initiatives apace, Nintendo are still staunchly offline-focussed, Satoru Iwata confirmed in a recent industry briefing. Using sales examples, Iwata stated that online games are still largely unimportant, commenting that "most customers do not wish to pay the extra money for connection to the Internet, and for some customers, connection procedures to the Internet are still not easy."

Having said this, Nintendo don't want to miss out on the online revolution altogether, and as such have launched a broadband adapter and hard-drive for the GameCube, hardware being supported by third-parties even though Nintendo themselves have yet to develop an online game. "We will develop software which anyone can instantly understand," Iwata stated on the subject of where Nintendo's focus lies (with adult or child gamers). Though he did concede that "production of software readily acceptable to adults is worth studying."

"We intend to expand tie-ups not only with Japanese companies but also with foreign companies," Iwata commented. "We are now holding negotiations with major Western game developers and will be able to conclude a deal by the end of the year if things go smoothly." The Nintendo chief highlighting a greater desire to woo western gamers in the session.

A new partnership with Bandai was also hinted at, though nothing official has been revealed. More on the frequent statements of Iwata and Nintendo as we get it.

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