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Guerilla details Killzone: Mercenary Updates 3 thru 6

New maps and PS Vita TV support on their way

Guerilla Cambridge has given some information on what PS Vita gamers can expect from the next four updates for Killzone: Mercenary.

First up is Update 3 which is due in the next few weeks. It is a minimal but significant patch as it will reduce the size of all of the previous patches freeing up around 800MB of valuable space on the Vita's memory card.

January's Update 4 will bring in improvements to the matchmaking system, connectivity in joining a game and a an auto team-rebalancing feature. This will pave the way for the two brand new multiplayer maps that will arrive with Update 5 along with offline Botzone playability for Mercenary and Guerilla modes. Guerilla details Killzone: Mercenary Updates 3 thru 6

Finally, Update 6 is due in the first calendar quarter of 2014 and will continue to refine and improve the game as well as adding support for the PS Vita TV in the regions where it will be available. More information is available over on the PlayStation Blog

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