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Sun Rise's on new TrackMania


We were actually playing this new game a couple of weeks back at a Digital Jesters shindig in Baker Street, London, but sadly an embargo has prevented us from officially vocalising upon it until this juncture. I speak of course of the new TrackMania Sunrise - the original hit's first full sequel, once again being developed by France's Nadeo.

TrackMania has built up quite a cult following, especially online, and Digital Jesters and Nadeo both seem keen to play to the series' strengths in this new title. Once again players will be creating tracks of quite ridiculous scale and proportions, integrating loops, jumps and eccentricities en masse.

High-speed, arcade fun with no hold-ups is once again promised, this time with improved visuals, new environments, larger tracks, more in-built tracks, and two new modes: Platform and Crazy. On the new level we played one of the highlights was a spate of skateboarding style 'half-pipes' to be traversed at speed, and in multiplayer this made for much hilarity.

A new trading system will allow players to swap the tracks they've designed with ease, and new customisable car skins and avatars spice up online play. It certainly looks fun, building and improving upon the qualities that made the original such a breath of fresh air, and we look forward to bringing you more on it soon.