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Square Enix tempted by Microsoft

Xbox upturn imminent?

Microsoft's proactive approach to the Japanese market could finally be beginning to pay-off, if news from the far east is to be believed. No, another Japanese consumer hasn't bought an Xbox, yet, however Square Enix have conceded that they are seriously considering development of titles for the next-generation of the Xbox: a move which would come as a major blow to Sony, whose recent platforms have enjoyed Square's almost undivided attention.

The news came straight from the mouth of general manager for corporate planning Michiro Sasaki, who confirmed that the well respected Japanese developer was 'considering' both development and publishing activities on the new format, said by some to be coming late in 2005.

Capcom meanwhile have so far rejected Microsoft's aggressive advances, stating that the Xbox is "just not profitable enough", and demonstrating in a nutshell the hard work Microsoft must still do if the next Xbox is to enjoy more success in Japan than the current iteration.

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