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Mecha Wonder Woman coming to Infinite Crisis soon

The Infinite Crisis hero roster continues to grow

Turbine has unveiled Mech Wonder Woman as the latest character from the DC Multiverse to join the champion roster on Infinite Crisis.

Mecha Wonder Woman was originally a diplomatic robot called D1A-NA, serving Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons. When Queen Hippolyta was assassinated by the Doom Legion D1A-NA remade herself with the help of the Justice Consortium to exceed bher original design becoming Mecha Wonder Woman.

Mecha Wonder Woman is a powerful marksman champion reigns fiery death on enemies from a distance with a combination of attack damage and power damage and can provide crucial fire support to any team of champions. Mecha Wonder Woman coming to Infinite Crisis soon

Infinite Crisis is currently in closed beta but is still accepting sign-ups. The Founders Program is also still open giving instant access to the game and exclusive goodies depending on which package you take.

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