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McGee busied by Scrapland

Enlight's new man gets into the game

Mercury Steam's forthcoming Scrapland will be executively produced by industry veteran American McGee, the former id Software man's new employer Enlight has revealed in a press statement today. Due to be published by the Hong Kong firm at the end of the year, Scrapland is being developed by Mercury Steam for the PC and Xbox. "I knew I wanted to be involved with this project the moment I met with Mercury Steam and saw the game," McGee enthused as part of the announcement which ties him to his first official project at Enlight.

In Scrapland players take control of robot D-Tritus, wandering the streets of the mysterious city Chimera - whose occupants were assumed immortal, attempting to solve a spate of murders. As his moniker implies, our robotic charge is built of junk, and players will be able to attach new junk to him to gain upgrades.

Quite what McGee's involvement with the project will add at this stage remains to be seen, however his high-profile industry status will certainly garner the project more interest, as will his statement on it: "Scrapland has an extremely unique free-form style of play that capitalises on the success of games like GTA3, yet it takes the action one step further." More soon.

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