Index offer Cube for under £40

New offer at UK retailer

Those of you tempted by the delights of Super Monkey Ball, Zelda, Mario, et al - but not wishing to shell out £79 for a GameCube may be rather interested by news today that UK high street retailer Index is currently offering a GameCube as part of a widespread promotion for a paltry £39.99.

Of course, the last time Nintendo's console was so heavily discounted, it was actually because stores dropping the product wished to clear their stock - however Nintendo UK are quick to point out this is not the case with Index.

"Index is currently running a big promotion on all its products, of which GameCube is one, offering up to 50 per cent discount", the big 'N' commented. "As far as we are aware, Index will continue to trade with Nintendo at certain times of the year."

Whether or not this outstanding value promotion will cause a run on GameCubes is currently unknown, though it will be interesting to see how this deal impacts sales of the flagging system.

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