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Climax reveal Warhammer disappointment

But Nottingham studio development continues apace

UK developer Climax admitted 'sadness' at the demise of their ambitious Warhammer Online MMOPRG project today, but stated that the costs involved for all firms (Climax, Sega and of course Games Workshop) were simply too high.

"It was a deeply sad thing for us to have to do after so much hard work and commitment from the entire team but the costs involved in bringing the Warhammer massively multiplayer online game to market meant that we were left with little choice," CEO Karl Jeffery commented, adding that the stakes are now higher than ever "with new massively multiplayer online games, such as Star Wars Galaxies, costing up to $30m to launch."

The company's Nottingham studio will thankfully not suffer as a result of the cancellation, with a second project under way currently, as well as continued work on a suite of MMORPG development tools called Leviathan. Indeed, Climax are still keen to establish a foothold in the online gaming genre, and will look into forming partnerships alongside "a company with existing MMO experience and infrastructure". More as we get it.

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