Oddworld Stranger picked-up by EA

New game heads to the PS2 and Xbox

The next Oddworld game, developed by the Oddworld Inhabitants, will be published by EA - the publisher has revealed. The title is actually without a name at the moment, though is referred to as 'Stranger'. Atari and Microsoft have both relinquished any hold they might have had on the Oddworld brand, and whilst this title won't follow Abe and Munch like past outings, it will most definitely be set in the rich world of the long-running series, featuring the Western-style bounty hunter known as the Stranger.

"Over the past 10 years, Oddworld has consistently elevated the creative bar in each of their titles," enthused Greg Richardson, general manager of EA Partners. "Oddworld Inhabitants represent the type of high quality developer with which we're seeking to partner moving forward."

Of course, this is a coup for the Oddworld Inhabitants, who can now rely on the backing of EA to push their game on the Xbox and PS2. EA will also be pleased to bag a new adventure game with an established pedigree, which they know doubt feel can grow further with their expert branding and marketing.

As the developer's president states: "Partnering with EA is a major win for us", and the Inhabitants will be pleased to be joining the likes of Gas Powered Games, Lionhead and Digital Illusions - all firms who have benefited hugely from EA's 'Partners' division.

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