PSX gets overhaul in Japan

New features added

Sony's PS2-DVD recorder hybrid hardware the PSX will be getting something of an overhaul after mixed reactions in Japan. Two flavours will be available, in 160GB and 250GB varieties; both white, with a limited edition silver 'DESR-5100' model also becoming available. Launching on July 1st, the new PSX's will allow users to control DVD recording to better affect disc space usage, and there will also be 50 DVD menu templates, making it easier for people to make their own discs.

DVD+RW and DVD-RW compatibility has also been included, and users will now be able to browse the Playstation bulletin boards (though not download stuff, still). On July 15th, Sony are also planning to release an update for older PSX's adding all the new features of the latest hardware. More as we get it.

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