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Doom 3 release conjecture

Tell us when!

Whilst id Software's much anticipated Doom 3 is said to be heading to the PC stateside this August, UK retail counterparts are being told not to expect copies of the game until October - a discrepancy that has sparked some confusion among gamers. One retailer reportedly told the UK's Eurogamer.net publication that August was unlikely however, as word would have seeped out regarding an imminent Activision marketing push for this massive release, something not forthcoming.

Of course, id have always offered "when its done" as a release date, and publisher Activision have also remained tight-lipped. Indeed, there is even a chance that both Doom 3 and Valve's Half-Life 2 could be released around the same time, sparking a show-down both firms would probably rather avoid. On the other hand, we've already heard reports that the new Doom is nearly complete, so it may be that Activision will spring a surprise debut upon us.

Here's hoping it's out sooner rather than later, naturally.

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