Massively multiplayer goes mobile

Now you can pretend to be a Wizard on the train, too.
Things have come a long way since ‘Snake’ first drove us insane, with NiCE today announcing the development of a massively multiplayer game for Pocket PC compliant devices. Time of Defiance has already cut its teeth as a strategy game on the PC, and the Pocket PC incarnation has been confirmed for this November. The game will allow players to wage war over a multitude of Islands, against as many as 1000 warmongers. The game promises to be a vast advancement for the mobile gaming industry, Toby Simpson of NiCE commented; “We’re in the business of creating virtual worlds – places people go to play and be entertained. It makes sense for you to be able to access this virtual world from as many input devices as possible. Modern mobile devices such as Pocket PC 2002 based systems are perfect platforms for our technology and product. As well as checking your e-mail, playing solitaire and knocking up the odd Word document or two, you’ll now be able to play Time of Defiance from just about anywhere.” More on this game as we get it.
E3 Trailer