New Matrix titles coming from Atari

One for now, one for later

After the success of Enter the Matrix, we assumed more trilogy-related cash-ins were inevitable from the games industry, a fact confirmed by Atari CEO Bruno Bonnell at a conference last week. One game is currently being developed for the current generation of consoles, whilst another title is also being planned for future generation machines, making three Atari Matrix games in total.

Despite a critical malling, last year's Shiny-developed foray into the ether-world of Neo and chums sold a whopping four-million globally, and those are not figures game bosses will want to argue with in commissioning future titles in the series. We've no word on the new games specifically, indeed, rumour has that Atari are purposely keeping things under wraps for the time being - with reports suggesting that the game was pulled from the French publisher's line-up.

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