Swery65 confirms that there is a Deadly Premonition sequel on its way

Just don't expect it any time soon, Zach

Hidetaka 'Swery65' Suehiro, creator of the upcoming Xbox One-exclusive episodic game series D4 has revealed that he does have a sequel to his cult title Deadly Premonition in the works.

It may be some while off though as he name dropped several other high-profile projects like D4 which has been in development for the last two to three years and the Lords Of Arcana series as well that have got in the way.

"After producing Deadly Premonition,” he explained, “I started work on production of the Lord of Arcana series right away, and during that time I was already working on the planning and pre-production of D4. So you could say that I've been working on D4 for about the past 2~3 years or so. Looking back at the original plans, there are some parts which have changed greatly a lot, and some parts which haven't changed a bit. At the same time I was also working on the sequel to Deadly Premonition and the framework for the Director's Cut.” Swery65 confirms that there is a Deadly Premonition sequel on its way

D4 is a crazy Quantum Leap-inspired detective story with the main hero travelling back through events in his life as he attempts to solve and eventually prevent his wife's murder. It was unveiled as a Kinect-powered Xbox One exclusive at E3 although we haven't got a release date for the first episode. It probably won't be too far off though and we'd expect it to arrive some time before the end of 2014.

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