Crimson Skies gets new content

Flying in today...

Microsoft's impressively-multiplayer dogfight 'em up Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, has received some very welcome new content today, downloadable via Live, in the form of three new planes, two new maps and two new game types: Chicken Pox and Gunheist. The former requires the collection of chickens (hmm), the latter proving something of a variation upon capture the flag.

The new planes in question are the Vampire, Firebrand and Hellhound - which offer a mix of weaponry, manoeuvrability, and armaments, all of which should offer plenty of food for thought in addition to the new locales: Badlands and The Lost Plateau. Badlands promises a mix of canyons and caves, whilst The Lost Plateau boasts night time jaunts through mysterious ruins. Very exciting.

More on this Xbox Live extravaganza as we get it, oh and this newness is free on this occasion - which is almost enough to elevate some of the bank holiday hangover... though not quite.

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