E3 gets celebrity status

Stars turn out for gaming expo

Whilst we're never usually the tabloidesque celebrity spotters that inside we know we really want to be, a new feature on Gamespot late yesterday alerted my attention to the myriad of famous names putting in an appearance at last week's LA expo - so I thought I'd share some of the VIPs with you.

First up, there was Steven Spielberg who - sporting a cap and dark glasses - was able to casually wander onto Ubisoft's stand and have a play of Brothers in Arms; reportedly instantly inducing the fear in Ubi staff (the game bears more than a passing resemblance to the director's Band of Brothers), who began to sweat further as the Saving Private Ryan soundtrack began playing throughout the booth.

Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee wowed attendees with an appearance on Activision's X-Men stand to sign autographs, whilst Tony Hawk also put in an appearance to sign stuff - despite reportedly looking rather bored.

Vivendi's The Chronicles of Riddick game received an enormous boost from Vin Diesel's 'celebrity'-appearance, which saw him striking butch reposes for photos and meeting a select few press representatives. Other famous names at E3 included Shannon Elizabeth (of American Pie fame), pornstar Tera Patrick promoting her role in Eidos' Backyard Wrestling sequel and Shawn Wayans (whoever he is). Tune in next week for more hot celeb gossip (eat your heart out Heat)!

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