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New patch arrives for Total War: Rome II

Gameplay and AI is the focus of the latest patch

The latest patch has arrived for Total War: Rome II as part of Creative Assembly's continued support for the game.

The new patch focuses mainly on gameplay improvements as well as tweaking the frame-rate for high-end PCs. The bulk of the gameplay improvements focus on AI and behaviours during settlement and siege battles.

The besieging AI will now be more aggressive, employing battering rams and a wider range of units when trying to burn down gates. At the same time it will be more conservative in the way it uses general units when assaulting walls. It also rebalances small-arms ranged units and barbarian Naked Warriors. New patch arrives for Total War: Rome II

More disciplined units now get the Formed Attack ability. The patch will be automatically applied through Steam and full patch notes are available on the Total War Wiki.