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Warframe's Valkyr Unleashed update arrives

Two new Warframes hit the game

The new Valkyr Unleashed update has arrived for Digital Extreme's free-to-play shooter Warframe.

The new update brings two new Warframes to the fray including the vicious new Valkyr Warframe and the Ember Prime. There's two new bosses as well in the form of Sargas Ruk and Alad V.

There's also a new Corpus Gas City tileset, a re-vamped damage system, more weapons and prime weapons, a new Titan Extractor resource drone, a new codex system, warframe skins, a new trading system and updates to the Clan Dojo. Warframe's Valkyr Unleashed update arrives

Warframe is a free-to-play shooter which is available through Steam's free-to-play service and it's also now available to PS4 gamers in the US. It will arrive with the PS4 in Europe next Friday, November the 29th.

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