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Microsoft denies Rare Nintendo support

DS gets MS-powered Rare backing?

Update: In news just in today, Microsoft have released a statement scotching reports that Rare are creating games for the Nintendo DS handheld, stating that the developer - purchased in 2002 - has no current projects in the works for the platform.

A spokesman for MS stated that "at this time, there are no plans to support the DS," though there was no official denial that Rare are in possession of DS development kits, suggesting the possibility of some kind of support in the future.

Original report follows:

Despite Microsoft and Nintendo being the most fiercest of rivals in the increasingly fractious console market, a tactical move by Microsoft may lead to MS-owned developer Rare offering their support for Ninty's DS handheld in the shape of two new games for the system. Although unconfirmed at this stage, MS Game Studios head Ken Lobb has reportedly confirmed the new titles, perhaps part of a clever tactical move from MS to side against major-rival Sony.

No details on the two new games rumoured have been released, so all we have to go on is word that Rare are currently working with DS development kits, though given that Redmond probably view Sony as their primary contender, such an allegiance isn't as improbable as you might imagine especially given Rare's long-standing history of Nintendo development.

Rare has also been continuing to develop GBA games - to be published by THQ - since Microsoft's acquisition of Britain's finest in 2002, and this rumour perhaps further supports a belief that Nintendo are in fact of little threat to Microsoft's domain. PSP support coming soon as well? We some how think not.

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